SW-MOTECH ツーリング用バッグ EVO GS タンクバッグ l. For EVO(エヴォ)タンクリング ブラック/グレー|BC.TRS.00.103.20002 SWモテック 16-22-タンクバッグ

●商品名:EVO GS タンクバッグ 16-22 l. For EVO(エヴォ)タンクリング ブラック/グレー|BC.TRS.00.103.20002



EVO GS Tank BagThe EVO GS tank bag performs its job best on steep sloping tanks.The stable tank bag has a maximum load of 22 litres and with a GPS and map case mount,it is the prefect companion for long rides.FeaturesTank bag for motorcycles with steep sloping tanksEVO system enables attachment and removal in just a split secondOptimal steering angle through the slim tank bag shapeZippered volume expansionHolder for zipper clip3 outer pockets with cable feed-throughSplash protected cable feed-through on front and back sideIntegrated mesh compartmentDurable carrying handleReflective detailsMounts for GPS holder and map holderCan be used with cable lock and anti-theft protectionAlso available in an electrical versionNoteEVO tank ring required for attachment,sold separately.The model-specific tank ring is mounted on original attachment points.NOTE:NOT compatible with ION tanking system for ION tank bagsIncluded in deliveryEVO GS Tank BagEVO top ringRain hood with transparent topShoulder strapMounting instructionsDetailsMaterial:Ballistic Nylon/EVA plastic baseColor:Black/GreyWeight:1.93 kgSize:41 x 31 x 25 cmVolume:16-22 l



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